About Us

Hi there!

In A Glass was first created in 2013 making our first Soy Candle. We've since grown our range by adding many more scents over the years and creating great relationships with the right stockists to carry out our brand.

We then created a workshop for kids, called "Creating Candles with Kids" where each child can learn all about soy, where it comes from, how to make it into a candle, make their own candle and then decorate the jar. We started these workshops because we feel it's important to pass onto the younger generation the wisdom of reducing Carbon Footprint and recycling everything after you are finished with them, the easiest one being glass jars. 

It was then that we started to think about extending our range to more than just candles and move into household products. We were expecting our first child and we really started thinking about what we were using in our home and wanted only natural things around our family. So we created an All-Purpose Cleaner that was safe around children, had zero chemicals in it, good for the environment  and 100% Natural. After this came other Sprays, Bath Salts and our beautiful Perfume Oil.

We use recycled materials where ever we can, especially reusing all our packaging from deliveries we receive onto your deliveries and support local businesses as much as possible. All our products are vegan and not tested on animals. They're eco friendly and in all our products we use only the best quality Essential Oils from the lovely ladies at Harriet Herbery. All hand picked and blended locally in our beautiful home on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our All Natural Soy Candles are made out of recycled wine bottles, which are from the stunning Main Ridge Estate in Red Hill. We cut each wine bottle in half, sand it down, then make it into a candle and finish it off with an all natural Cork lid.

 So we hope you enjoy our beautiful products and if there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us directly.

Love Jacqui X
The Founder

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