Creating Candles with Kids - Holiday Workshop


This workshop is all about Kids getting messy, learning and making their own gifts keep or gift to a loved one. 

They will learn all about Soy Candles, where Soy comes from and how to make it into a Candle. They will then help make a candle and use their creativity to decorate the Jar. Next they will make their very own healthy and extremely delicious Bliss Balls. Lastly, they will learn about different Salts, their benefits, what oils go best for a relaxing bath and how to create their own bath salts infused with dried flowers.

All our products/materials are 100% Natural and safe to use around children!

What they will take home: Their Candle Creation, the Bath Salts blended with their own choice of Essential Oils and their extremely delicious Bliss Balls. Which all together Retails at $35.00

Drop off the Kids and enjoy a coffee to yourself at "Down the Street" Cafe in Frankston South or stay to watch the creativity unfold!

These workshops will be held in the gorgeous studios of Stillwater Wellness Centre, in Frankston South

Monday, 20th January 9:00am - 12:00pm

Type: Event